Hello Proffessional,

Have you ever sat down to think about this? Imagine I wanted to buy your career capital, what would be its worth?

Just like a business gains capital over time by offering a service or product, so does your career gain capital.

However, your career capital is acquired from time and energy spent on a particular job with investments made in acquiring a rare valuable skill.
Your career capital determines your value in a particular profession.

Fortunately, you can build your career capital by patiently learning the nitty gritty of your job and being so good at it but this requires time and discipline. You can also invest your time and money into acquiring a rare and valuable skill.

Why do you need career capital?

  1. To Increase Your Value: There are things and people that can’t be replaced because of the value they bring. That is what developing a career capital makes you become. You become irreplaceable!
    Your career capital when developed becomes a source of wealth to you and your employer. Everybody wants wealth and would definitely hold on to you.
  2. To Gain Control: A high career capital brings juicy options to your table. You get to choose your employer, give terms of employment and even gain control of your time.
    Now professional, you should be asking yourself what your career capital is worth. If it has developed high worth, keep building it and if not, patiently invest your time, energy and money to develop yourself on your job and with a skill.

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Quiet quitting the latest buzzword sounds to me like disengaged employees, which is nothing new in HR. How feasible is it to be fully engaged 9 to 5 then switch off completely after 5pm? Unlikely to happen if you were truly engaged in your work. More likely to happen if you were never really connected to work.

Quiet quitting can very well be a strategy or a coping mechanism for some who feel overworked. If there is one thing I have learnt…

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Kendor Academy is here for you!

Professional, for the past few months, we have been building something interesting for HR professionals. We strongly believe that as the world of work continues to evolve, HR professionals must continually upskill to keep up with the increasing demand and dynamics.

But the challenge with doing this is the constraint of time, the high cost of professional development programmes, and above all, the challenge of access to these programmes.

We are excited to be presenting to you Kendor Academy – a dedicated place with all the courses you need to start, grow or monetize your HR career. Simply put, you will take control of your professional development.

You can access over 35 courses across different categories.

While you can buy individual courses, there is something much more, and better!

Introducing Monthly Subscriptions
Subscribing to Kendor Academy is more affordable and gives you monthly access according to your career path. From as low as NGN15,000 per month you can access up to six courses, and it increases according to your plan.

There are three main subscription plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium.

The Starter Plan is specially curated for beginners looking to get a headstart in HR.

The Pro Plan is for mid-level professionals who are looking to gain knowledge in particular areas.

Premium Plan is an all-access plan, especially for HR entrepreneurs and aspiring consultants looking to gain knowledge on starting and growing a consultancy practice.

For organisations who would like to upskill their HR teams, the Subscription Plans are perfect for their training.

Why you should subscribe to Kendor Academy

▪ Learn at your own pace. Any time. Anywhere! You have control now.
▪ Enjoy 24/7 access to premium courses at no extra cost. Better than all the discounts put together! Save over NGN600,000 on individual courses.
▪ Take ownership of your professional development.
▪ Help your organization cut costs on training for your HR team.
What are you waiting for?

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HR Bootcamp Accelerator – HR Preneur

Last HR Bootcamp Accelerator for the Year

Do you need help fast tracking your HR career?
Tired of testing the waters and making avoidable mistakes.
Let us help you become effective, standout and excel in your HR career.

Join the 3 months HR Bootcamp Accelerator scheduled to start September 17, 2022.

Included in the Programme is:

▪ An internationally recognised certificate
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▪ Bi-monthly 3 hours group coaching
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▪ Learning and networking with like-mind professionals
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PS: We are approved by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM- SHRM-CP® or SHRM

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When employees feel their employers care about their health and well-being, they’re 38 percent more engaged according to a study by Quantum Workplace. Investing in financial wellness boosts the overall well-being of employees, increasing their health, productivity, and engagement.

In our STAY TRENDY Webinar Series for September, our focus is on Employee Financial Wellness.

If you missed out on the past series, you can catch up with the recording here

DATE: Thursday, September 29, 2022
TIME: 12:00 PM

Reserve a seat via kendorconsulting.com/webinar

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Coming Soon this December!

Since 2009, the Human Resources Bootcamp events have served as a platform fostering the development of innovative paradigms for reinventing People Management practices in Nigeria.

This year’s edition promises to be more exciting!

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