Hello Professional,

How did we get to November so fast?

Yes, you should have asked yourself that question because everything seems so fast and your goals for the year are still staring at you.

This can be demoralizing especially seeing how others continuously make the “I am happy to announce” post on LinkedIn.

I totally understand this feeling! It feels like one has just been doing so much yet the result are not what you hoped for.

It is okay to feel that way and honestly, I won’t motivate you by saying it will get better because it doesn’t get easier but hard work sure pays.

However, here is what I would advise you do;

First, Take a pen and a piece of paper! Yes, I want you to write the following:

  1. Your Achievement: You may be wondering what achievement but every little achievement counts. It might be as little as learning an excel formula. Please write every little win you can think of.
  2. Your Failures: I want you to own up! This is just between you and your book, nobody is looking. Write down what you think you failed at this year, what did you not do well?
  3. How you can be better: I want you to be really explicit. Write down what you can do to step up your wins and avoid your failures. Put a timeline for every point you write.
  4. Execution: We won’t stop at just writing this time, take the first point you wrote and do it now. Nothing changes when you don’t execute.
    The year is already over but you can still get something from it and finish strong!

For me, I am all about learning and grooming my skills as a Professional and the upcoming 10th HR Bootcamp Conference houses a lot of the steps I am meant to take at once. Learning, Certificate, and Networking in one event. I am definitely attending!

Around the World of HR
Time to Reinvent HR!

The perspective and lack of trust employees have of HR is fascinating and bothering.

The internet is filled with hate comments and horror stories of experiences with HR’s. Various studies have also reinforced the hate employees have towards HR.

While the reality of HR has far evolved, the image seen doesn’t match.

Honestly, what are we doing wrong? We recognise all employees can’t be pleased yet the numbers are fast skyrocketing.

Maybe we as HR professionals are yet to fully grasp our role in the current world of work or something is just amiss somewhere but we definitely need to reinvent the role of HR to fit current trends else this perspective stays.

Let’s Reinvent HR Together here!.

HR Balanced Diet


Investing in people. Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives by KirsWayne Cascio, John Boudreau

In investing in people, Cascio and Boudreau take a highly structured and data-driven approach to solving common problems in HR. The book, originally published in 2008, takes a deep dive into strategic HR measurement and complements with its depth and focus on specific HR topics.

Give Your HR Team These Goodies!

Why is the upcoming HR Bootcamp Conference right for you? Let’s take you through a list of jaw-dropping perks!

10 goodies all packed in one conference!

Here is a list for you;

  1. Gain Fresh Insight & Stay Ahead
  2. Learn from Industry Experts
  3. Network with HR Influencers and Peers
  4. Elevate Your Mind & Invest in Your Knowledge
  5. Meet Local and International Certification Representatives
  6. Earn HRCI & SHRM Recertification Credits
  7. Earn a Recognised Certificate of Participation
  8. Enjoy a Fun & Memorable Experience
  9. Jump Start Your Human Resources Career
  10. Be Counted. 1000s of People Cannot Be Wrong!

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Kendor Academy Courses

Become an HR Business Partner

Learn the skills needed to partner with organisations and key stakeholders in developing people and achieving organisational goals through our HR Business Partner Training.

Programme Details

Date:November 23 – 24,2022.
Venue: Lagos and Virtual
Fee: NGN99,750

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Professional, I really want us to finish strong together and I won’t be giving up on you!

Don’t forget to add us to your address book so you don’t miss out.

Do enjoy the rest of your week.

With Love,
Kendor Team