Our e-Learning Courses

Self-paced courses that will teach you everything you need to succeed as an HR Professional

Our programmes have helped hundreds of aspiring and experienced HR practitioners stand out as professionals and deliver bottom-line results to their organisation.

Our Programmes help our delegates reach their career goals more quickly and effectively than if they were to do it on their own.

They are designed to equip HR professionals and teams with the competencies required to succeed at any stage of their career.




Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management is our introductory HR Training Programme. It was designed to introduce participants to essential Human Resources concepts and processes. The approach is to examine the core beliefs of human resources management and explore the key Human Resources processes as they support the achievement of business results. 

4 Modules.  NGN21,500

Introduction to HR Metrics and Analytics

This course is designed to help participants gain a good understanding of what HR Metrics and Analytics are and their importance to businesses. Using relatable examples, participants are led to understand how metrics can be used to ensure high performing HR professionals and teams are better aligned and equipped to delivering business objectives.

4 Modules.  NGN10,750

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