9th HR Bootcamp Conference


As the pandemic looms, there is increasing concern over the health and safety of workers while organisations continue to grapple with the accelerated adoption of technology and the challenges of remote working.

With many unresolved debates, the employer-employee relationship has evolved while economies, organisations and individuals are weighed down, many seek new ways of measuring success, perhaps one that puts well being at the centre of the inevitable digital transformation agenda.

The 9th HR Bootcamp conference promises to be more thought-provoking than ever, invoking useful insight and fresh debate while proferring practical solutions to HR  Practitioners and Business Leaders. Join us as we set the next course of action for pace-setting professionals.

Topics Covered
Day 1

  • Session 1- Wellness Integrated: Designing Work for Wellbeing
  • Session 2- Digital Agility: Accelerating with Analytics
  • Panel Session- Future of Work: Productive Anywhere

Day 2

  • Session 1- Race to Reskill: From Teams to Super Teams
  • Panel Session- Talent: Redesigning to Energize the Employee Experience
  • Session 2- HR of the Future
  • Session 3- Future Ready Skills
  • Session 4- Get Certified


Topics for this course

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9th HR Bootcamp Conference

Day 104:36:34
Day 204:35:32

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