Hi Professional,

This is the time of the year when we do a lot of reflecting.

Yes, this is great! But, I am more concerned about the aftermath of this reflection.

Tell me, how do you feel after reflecting? Disappointed or proud? happy or sad? Depressed or contented?

Whatever it is you feel, I want you to be grateful! Be thankful for every little thing you can think of.

Honestly, you can’t have it all and the best thing you can do for yourself is to be grateful for everything you have now, whether little or big.

I want you to do something for me, make a list of every little thing you are grateful for, and trust me you will be awed by it all.

Be intentional about this, sign out from 2022, reflect, and be grateful. Looking forward to seeing the best of you in 2023.

Around the World of HR
The 13th-Month Salary – What Should You Know About It?

December is here and it is that time again! The time for lots of goodies and rewards at the workplace and the 13th-month salary rings the loudest bell. Although not mandatory in Nigeria, several organisations are fast buying into the practice.

The 13th-month salary is the payment of an additional month’s salary as an incentive. It would interest you to know that the 13th-month payment is not something new! It is believed to have been in practice in Italy, as far back as the 1930s.

However, as laudable as the practice may be, there are some factors to be considered when deciding whether or not to implement it in your organisation.

First is the cost implication. Carry out a proper analysis of the cost of introducing the 13th-month salary across board and how sustainable it will be over time, considering your organisation’s basic revenue.

Second, decide whether or not to include it in employee contracts. Once included, there could be legal implications for default. We surely want all things to proceed peacefully!

And third, choose the model that is right for your organisation. In some organisations, the 13th-month is paid out as a two-week salary, some pay quarterly, while others pay bi-annually. Choose what works for your organisation!

Just as was the case in the 1930s, the 13th-month salary is still believed to improve brand loyalty, employee performance, and of course, support staff during the holiday periods. What’s your view on the practice?

HR Balanced Diet

Designing & Aligning Employee Benefits Globally by Cedric NG Mong Shen

Benefits are important. Employees have no incentive to stay if your company’s benefits are the same as others. If people come for money, they will leave for the same reason.

Benefits, especially unique perks, reflect the culture of an organization and differentiates the employer brand.

This book teaches you how to develop a Global Benefits Strategy aligned with Corporate Vision, Values, and Strategy and how to brand the employee benefits that your company wants to be known for and be an industry trendsetter.

The 10th HR Bootcamp Conference was a Success!

You made the 10th HR Bootcamp Conference a success!

The conference was loads of insights and fun.

Thank you to all our sponsors, partners, attendees and volunteers, the 10th HR Bootcamp Conference couldn’t have happened without you.

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Tingo Mobile
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Kindly chat with Tingo on WhatsApp: +234 8094422556 or send an email at customercare@tingomobile.com.ng.

To learn more about Alphamead’s products, please visit the website below: http://www.alphamead.com/development or reach out via 07019999343.

We hope you get the most out of the products!

We look forward to seeing you at subsequent editions of our HR Bootcamp Conference.

Get Your Christmas Gift

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The entire Kendor Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

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Do enjoy the rest of your holidays and remember to stay grateful!

With Love,
Kendor Team